BodyBreak Duo Pump Up Crowd At ‘Healthier You’ Expo

BodyBreak Duo Pump Up Crowd At ‘Healthier You’ Expo

By Michelle Cyr-Whiting pic for 250 news Joanne McLeod and Hal Johnson get the crowd moving at the Healthier You Expopic 2 250 news

Prince George, BC – It was a rousing reception that greeted BodyBreak duo, Joanne McLeod and Hal Johnson, as they took to the stage at the 2013 Healthier You Expo at the Civic Centre yesterday.

In welcoming the crowd-pleasers, local MLA, Shirley Bond, encouraged the audience to join in on their catchphrase, ‘keep fit and have fun’. Coined 25-years ago, it now gives them, and their message, instant recognition.

“Hal and Joanne have become one of Canada’s most trusted sources for healthy living,” said Bond. “They try to inspire and they try to motivate, they share their wealth of personal experiences, fitness and wellness knowledge.”

The dynamic couple drew another round of cheers shortly after arriving on-stage when they referenced their untimely exit from this summer’s Amazing Race Canada, muttering, ‘Oh, those lentils’, and ‘the two Tims’.

True to form, they got the local crowd up and moving for a warm up that Johnson videotaped to air on their BodyBreak website, before tying their past 25-years to the Expo’s theme of ‘Healthy at Work, Healthy at Home.’

Both were heavily involved in sports when they were young – McLeod with track and field and basketball, Johnson with basketball and football before playing baseball at the University of Colorado. Then, they said, they grew up and got ‘real’ jobs.

pic 3 for 250 newsAlthough they met in a gym in 1988, McLeod said they no longer had regular training regiments.

“We had to then also contend with how do you fit healthy eating into your busy day, how do you fit exercise into your day and, with that, those issues got us talking.”

So began the concept for BodyBreak. “And it was really about trying to get Canadians – regardless of your ethnicity, regardless of your ability, of where you lived in Canada – all Canadians can live, work, and play together and that was really the essence of BodyBreak,” said Johnson.

The pair has always touched on five key areas in their messages: healthy eating, being active, proper supplementation, healthy attitude, and sleep.

“BodyBreak has always been about prevention and making small changes in your life,” said McLeod. “It’s not about going from zero to running a marathon. It’s about making little (changes) in your life – you know, parking a little further away from that office door to walk in.”

She said the key is to just move your body, “if you rest, you rust.”pic 4 for 250 news

For his part, Johnson said he’s always felt, regardless of age, that sport is fantastic for everyone. “In 2015, you’re going to be hosting the Canada Games, which is absolutely terrific.”

His partner concurred. “Not only for those athletes that are coming, but for the community and your own involvement,” said McLeod. “The amount of motivation and inspiration you’ll get from the people coming in and you being involved – take advantage of it, it will be an incredible experience.”





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