Nike Half Marathon April 27, 2014

Nike Half Marathon April 27, 2014

15,000 Women from 26 Countries raising $5 million for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Last weekend I had the opportunity to join my running buddies and travel to Washington DC to run this event with 14,999 females. The thing is it wasn’t just about a race.

Anyone that runs or walks with a friend or group knows that it’s about sharing a common goal, being held accountable, getting the encouragement to reach new levels of performance, meeting new friends and nurturing old relationships. Running or walking with a friend or group can also privy you to new information and can help keep you motivated and inspired. The journey you take will also have you laughing a lot and collecting great memories.

Here are some of my great moments from the race weekend.

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The Ladies at the Expotique in Georgetown picking up our race kit and “goodie” bag.  Had fun making my own personalized cheering poster.  Names of all the racers appeared on a wall outside the flagship Nike store in Georgetown. And yes, we went shopping!

2014-04-27 06.20.09 2014-04-27 06.36.43

6:15am in the hotel lobby all set to walk to start line. Anne, Kirsty, Carol, Kim, Andrea, Lisa & Christine

2014-04-27 06.50.05 2014-04-27 07.39.02 2014-04-27 08.00.44

A sea of female walkers and runners (and a few good men) of all ages, races and abilities at the start line ready to go – temperature about 10c with not much wind. The course was absolutely spectacular (and pretty flat!)  It had us head to Capital Hill, pass the Washington Monument and run/walk from and to the Lincoln Memorial and much more.

2014-04-27 08.40.46 2014-04-27 07.56.58 2014-04-27 09.17.00 2014-04-27 09.29.59

Enjoyed stopping along the way to capture what was left of the cherry blossoms on the trees.  Passed the gates of the Arlington National Cemetery.  Happy to be almost finished – less than 1k to go. Love the Tiffany necklace all the participants received from a well-dressed firefighter.

2014-04-27 09.57.062014-04-27 09.47.12

Congratulations to Connor’s Runners

Lisa & Carol

Kim, Christine, Kirsty & Andrea

(Anne you missed this pic but Congrats as well)

Already thinking about next year!