If you want a stronger heart, a leaner body, lower cholesterol, improved sleep, nothing beats aerobic exercise. You can strengthen your entire cardiovascular system including heart, lungs and blood vessels—through regular aerobic activities. A stronger, more efficient heart pumps out more blood with each beat. Therefore, it beats less often, saving wear and tear on that vital organ.

Aerobic workouts will also enable your lungs to take in more air each time you breathe and help your body to extract oxygen more efficiently. Oxygen is what gives us energy, so if you are aerobically fit, you have more stamina. You can get through your workouts, as well as everyday tasks, with less effort and more energy. No more huffing and puffing on the stairs, no more telling the kids to go ahead, you’ll catch up and no more being tagged out on the company softball team because you ran out of gas before you reached the base. Being aerobically active also lowers blood pressure and increases that good guy cholesterol, the HDL kind. Aerobic activity is the “primo” calorie burner of exercises. Burn more calories and you’ll lose fat. If weight loss is your major goal, be sure to include lots of aerobic activity in your workout plan.

On the emotional and social side, studies have shown that being aerobically fit can reduce depression and make you better able to cope with stress. Your body increases production of those natural mood elevators called beta-endorphins, producing a better frame of mind. Being fit boosts self-esteem and your sense of well-being. It also improves your ability to have more fun and to enjoy activities. Your quality of life gets a jump start, not only will you look better, you’ll feel great. There are lots of reasons to be aerobically active. We can’t think of any reasons why not to.

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