OMG Yahoo – ‘Amazing Race Canada’ premieres

OMG Yahoo – ‘Amazing Race Canada’ premieres

CTVNo one’s body got a break on the “Amazing Race Canada” premiere on Monday night, but “Body Break” hosts and competitors Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod still kept true to their tagline, “Keep fit and have fun” and managed to nab third place for their efforts.The sporty duo was among the nine teams competing for $250,000 (plus a pair of Corvette Stingrays and tickets for a year’s travel on Air Canada) on the CTV premiere, in which the 23,000-km competition kicked off at Niagara Falls. And the Ontario natives impressed not only their fellow competitors — “My cousin has been you many many a Halloween,” one competitor reportedly told Hal— but also the viewers.On the first leg of the race, Hal and Joanne were among the three duos (including B.C. couple Kristen and Darren, married Montreal docs Holly and Brett, and Ontario sisters Vanessa and Celina) who won an early flight to B.C., after finding a terrarium at the Niagara Butterfly Conservatory and sticking their hands into the dangerous box for clues.

After Hal dove into the Okanagan Lake for the team’s next clue, Joanne bravely took on their next challenge — walking out onto a 12-inch wide platform emerging from a trestle bridge. Always game, before jumping off the platform, she exclaimed, “Keep fit and have fun!”

After driving to Quails’ Gate Winery in the Okanagan Valley, the teams raced to the finish line, with Kristen and Darren in first place, followed by Holly and Brett. Hal and Joanne were in third place (despite the fact that the latter reportedly had trouble opening a car door) and Ontario-born best friends Jet and Dave rounded out the top four.

The first to be eliminated? Ontario twins Treena and Tennille, who early on in the show failed to follow directions to each remove a clue from their terrarium.

The “Amazing Race Canada” frontrunners are clearly Kristen and Darren, though we should not discount brothers Jody and Cory, who currently sit in seventh place. Despite Jody losing both his legs in Afghanistan, they had no problem taking a Sea-doo out on Lake Okanagan — Cory simply gave his brother a piggyback. Jody also seemed to walk with his prosthetic legs across the precarious 12-inch platform with ease. Talk about amazing!

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