Show #2 Downhill Skiing What We Eat

We filmed this downhill ski show at Marmot Basin in Jasper, Alberta Canada. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much snow so we had to be pretty picky on where and how we filmed this BodyBreak. Hal’s on his way to the top of the mountain and grabbing a snack. What you eat has an impact on how much you enjoy your day on the slopes. Have things like raisins, apples or carrots on hand. On that particular shoot day, we ended up being 5 hours at the top of the mountain without facilities … need I say more. Well … maybe … Joanne’s ski suit got wet inside!!! Beside her being wet for most of the day, Joanne was also suffering from a cold. Not a fun day for her but a real trooper.
Until Next Time, Keep Fit & Have Fun – Hal