Our Guide to Healthy Living
320 pages including 75 Great Tasting Recipes


The Body Break Story
Be inspired by a truly Canadian success story. It’s not just about fitness but also about starting a small business and the driving force and passion it takes to overcome the obstacles, meet the challenges and achieve goals. You’ll also find out more about Body Breakand what goes on behind the scenes.

Aerobic Guide
The basics of getting aerobically fit are outlined to help you get started and keep motivated. You’ll learn how to easily fit exercise into your day and effectively burn more calories while having fun at the same time.

Strengthening Guide
This section will help you overcome any intimidation you might feel about lifting weights and resistance training.

Home Fitness Guide
We’ll guide you through the often confusing world of aerobic and strengthening equipment so that you can design your own home gym.

Healthy Eating Guide
Discover what it takes to develop healthy eating habits that you can enjoy for a lifetime. There are tips on achieving and maintaining a healthier body weight as well as how to have more energy for work and play.

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