Metro – ‘Amazing Race Canada’ about to kick off

Metro – ‘Amazing Race Canada’ about to kick off

The cast of The Amazing Race Canada is shown in this undated handout photo.


TORONTO – The first nerve-shredding trial that “The Amazing Race Canada” forced its contestants to endure didn’t involve a breathless trek across unfamiliar terrain, a terrifying physical challenge or a morale-melting series of plane-train-and-automobile travel hiccups.

In fact, it was a day before the cross-country challenge was to commence and the nine teams of two set to compete were undergoing a more insidious form of psychological torture: they were asked to sit silently in a big, dull room by the airport surrounded by their competitors. Conversation between teams was strictly forbidden, so all the “Amazing Race” hopefuls could do was eyeball the field and try to analyze the competition.

So even while temporarily grounded, the wheels were certainly turning for these nervous contestants.

Source : metro