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Best Thing on the Internet Today: Hal Johnson and Joanne Mcleod’s ‘Amazing Race Canada’ Audition Tape

The BODY BREAK couple haven’t changed a bit.

By Michael Kolberg

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In December, Toronto Standard broke the biggest Canadian television news story of the decade when we reported that Hal Johnson and Joanne Mcleod of Body Break fame wanted to audition for The Amazing Race Canada. Now, the famously fit couple have delivered a sizzling audition tape that is sure to land them a spot on what will surely be the most exciting cross-Canada reality TV competition show ever produced. Hal and Joanne reveal that they now are 56 and 54 years old respectively, but despite having been sharing healthy lifestyle tips with Canadians for over 25 years, their on-camera chemistry will never get old.

Toronto Standard can also confirm that Hal is committed to growing back the ‘stache if they make it onto the show.

Please CTV, do the right thing and cast Hal and Joanne on The Amazing Race Canada. It’s what the people want.

Source: Toronto Standard


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