Parties & Celebrations

Festive times and holidays seem to always involve celebrating with food . It makes sense to us; food is one of life’s great pleasures! Indulging occasionally at parties will not wreak havoc on your diet, in fact treating yourself occasionally can help you follow a healthy eating plan in the long run . If you attend celebrations often or find that festive dining stretches over several months, then the tips below could help you enjoy your food while not overdoing it .


  • Don’t skip meals during the day to “save up” for a special meal . You’re setting yourself up to really indulge and overeat as soon as you get in the door, only to feel sluggish afterwards .
  • If dinner will be served late, have a snack a few hours before you leave home to dampen your hunger .
  • Enjoy a couple of appetizers or party nibbles, but save room for the main meal . Feeling full before dinner starts is a sure sign of overdoing it .
  • Savour the food as a pleasant accent to the event but not the only reason that you are there . If you tend to overeat at buffet tables, choose only your favourites . Don’t hang around the table where unconscious snacking can occur .
  • Be a selective eater and choose only what you feel like eating . Don’t take second helpings to make the cook happy .Compliment thechef on a great meal . You don’t owe anybody an explanation . Just smile, say it was delicious and you enjoyed it thoroughly and change the subject .
  • Eat slowly . It takes at least 20 minutes for your brain to register that you are full . If you gobble your food, you will likely overeat .
  • Don’t deprive yourself of favourite holiday foods . Just enjoy them without overdoing it .
  • If you drink alcoholic beverages, alternate alcoholic with non-alcoholic drinks andconsume plenty of water .
  • Food is enjoyed more if you take the time to eat slowly and taste every bite; do not overeat and eat only what you want . Taking these steps will have you feeling a lot better after the meal and into the next day

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