Fast Food

Dining out is one of life’s pleasures . It was once a rare treat, but these days it has evolved into a daily lifestyle . If you dineout occasionally, choosing a high fat meal won’t affect your overall health . But if you frequent restaurants regularly or visit the company cafeteria daily, what you choose from the menu can have a considerable impact on your well being .Complete the quiz below to see how you might fare when trying to choose healthy restaurant foods .Circle which is the healthier choice


muffin or bagel with jam pancakes with syrup or croissant poached eggs with back bacon or eggs benedict
ham sandwich or caesar salad chicken souvlaki or chicken fingers quiche or chili turkey submarine or macaroni and cheese
fajitas or nachos chicken wings or vegetarian pizza slicelasagna with garlic bread or perogies with tomato sauce veal cacciatore or chicken pot pie
Breakfast: bagel with jam, pancakes with syrup, poached eggs with back bacon
Lunch: ham sandwich, chicken souvlaki, chili, turkey submarine
Dinner: fajitas, vegetarian pizza slice, perogies with tomato sauce, veal cacciatore.


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