Eating Healthy When Travelling

Do you leave your healthy eating habits at home when you hit the road?Arriving home exhausted after travelling can be partly due to poor eating habits . It is true that trying different foods and indulging more than usual is one of the great pleasures of travel . But you can still do this without really going overboard . Remember that continually eating large portions and higher fat foods can drain your energy leaving you feeling worn out after business travel or vacation .


  • Travelling on business can spell trouble to your diet if you do not plan ahead .
  • Take emergency snacks from home to substitute for other high-fat snacks offered or if meals are delayed .Low-fat granola bars, energy bars, crackers, or plain cookies all work well .
  • Visit a nearby store to buy fruit for the hotel room or car .
  • Skip the muffins and croissants at breakfast meetings .Instead buy cereal, milk, bagels and juice for breakfast and eat ahead of time .
  • If snacks are offered in between meals, only eat if you are hungry . Otherwise, they are excess calories that your body doesn’t need .
  • If dinner is expected to be late, eat a healthy snack that you have brought along to prevent building up a huge appetite .
  • At business meals, put the value on your health instead of the quantity of food you eat . Eat the same amount as you would eat at home .
  • Minimize alcohol intake . It can be the culprit for needless fatigue the next day . It can also weaken good intentions and set you up to overeat .
  • Drink plenty of water to help you stay alert .


Air Travel

  • Make a habit of ordering a heart healthy or lower fat meal when you make your plane reservations .
  • Pack some survival snacks for unexpected delays and long hours between meals . Low-fat energy bars, granola bars, crackers and mini boxes of raisins all work well.
  • At breakfast pass on the eggs, sausages and croissants and choose the cereal, fruit and yogurt .
  • Drink water or juice frequently to help prevent dehydration .


You may decide to indulge on your vacation a little more than usual but you still want to keep your energy level high . Stick with amounts of foods that you would normally eat at home, even if you decide to choose something higher in fat . You can balance higher fat days with lower fat ones . Consuming too much alcohol is a sure way to fatigue . It prevents you from getting a good sleep and dehydrates you . If you consume alcoholic beverages, stick with one or two drinks at a time and drink plenty of water .You do not want to finish your vacation feeling like you need another one .

Cruise Ships

Some people call these floating buffet tables . You can really go overboard with all the food available on cruise ships . There’s just so much of it and ships tend to offer food all day long . But you don’t have to end up drowning in a sea of overeating .Many cruise lines now offer healthy dining options to choose from and fitness facilities . Choose those foods that you really would like to eat and leave the others . This way you’re satisfied without filling up too much . And getting in exercise first thing in the morning can put you in a state of mind that helps you make healthier choices the rest of the day.

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