Diet Programs, Diet Pills & Meal Replacements

Diet Programs

Never say diet—that’s our motto .


Talk about counterproductive, boring and unpleasant .Dieting is one of the worst things you can do if you are trying to achieve or maintain a healthy body weight .

Commercial diet programs—and there are lots out there—may involve following a certain eating plan that restricts calories, require drinking shakes or eating bars to replace meals, or necessitate using the company’s own pre-packaged food to control your calorie intake . Your ultimate measure of success with these programs is weight loss . But having weight loss as your only reason to make diet changes is short-term thinking and not likely to stick with you for good . You may make changes to lose weight but once you reach your goal, often the motivation slides and the weight creeps back on . In many cases, a few extra pounds somehow show up as well . And if you don’t lose weight, then you feel you have failed . Dieting is neither natural, nor enjoyable, so don’t blame yourself for failure . Instead, make a commitment to start choosing healthy, energizing foods and being more active . Make gradual shifts in your lifestyle and have fun with the process . Dieting is out and healthy living is in!

Diet Pills

Diet pills may contain ingredients that numb your taste buds or contain fibre to make you feel full . But once you finish using them, you rediscover your natural appetite . Weight regain is a threat . Again, the focus should be on making real changes in the way you eat and live rather than looking for a pill to temporarily do the job for you . If products such as herbal remedies promise weight loss, a good rule of thumb is, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is . Herbal remedies are not regulated in Canada so seek professional advice before you consider using them .

Meal Replacements

Meal replacements can be labelled as such if they contain a certain amount of calories, protein, vitamins and minerals .Essentially, they are a lower calorie meal with added vitamins and minerals . If you use them to replace one or two meals a day, they may result in weight loss, but it is likely temporary .Chances are, you’ll feel hungry if you rely on them . Or you may use them as convenient ways to get in a quick breakfast or lunch . While meal replacements are balanced nutritionally, they are usually low in fibre and lack the natural beneficial substances that are only found in food .
Meal replacements are OK to have on hand for a quick meal once in a while and they’re much better for you as snacks than doughnuts or chocolate bars, but to use them daily means you’re missing out on the important elements Mother Nature intended for you . And as a means to weight loss, if you can only use them temporarily, your weight loss will probably be

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