Dream, Believe & Go For It

Dream, Believe & Go For It

  • January 29, 2015
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Wow … that’s all I could say as I looked out to Lake Ontario at Oakville’s Coronation Park on December 21st.   What was happening was just so hard to comprehend.

It all started when our fierce leader, coach – Dr Stephen Connor – Connor Chiropractic & Wellness Centre, gathered the troops (Connor’s Runners ) for our usual 7am Sunday morning run.  We were told that Madhu Nagaraja was going to be swimming this morning and our support would be appreciated.   The very thought of him swimming in Lake Ontario in late December just totally blew my mind.  However, it was great to see how his crew and him worked together to achieve another successful training swim. Afterwards I was thrilled to meet Madhu and to find out more about his latest quest.

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This 44 year old previously successfully swam the English Channel, Lake Ontario and the crossing between Alcatraz and the California mainland as well as run a week long marathon in the Sahara Desert.  So what was next – Madhu was going to swim the chilly waters of the Straits of Magellan in Chile in hopes of becoming only the 22nd person to achieve the swim. The crossing is rarely completed due to its volatile and fierce winds, frigid cold-water temperatures (sub 5°C) and sea conditions. Thoughts of elementary school history class about Magellan floated back (well some of them!). Madhu has a one-week window (Jan. 26-Feb 1) for the swim, with the timing decided by the Chilean Navy.

Well this week Madhu and his crew began the swim.  Read more about Madhu’s courageous and inspiring journey at www.itsnotaboutswimming.com    www.lostswimming.com

All I can say is WOW … dream, believe and go for it!


If you’d like to support Madhu and his team, all funds donated will be used to cover training, transportation, and support costs in Chile.  Also 10% of the funds raised will be donated to the Courage Brothers Polar Bear Swim for World Vision (http://www.polarbeardip.ca).