Bowling is an activity in which the object is to knock over pins placed upright at the end of an alley with a ball. Bowling can be fun and relaxing for people of all ages and fitness levels, and can be done individually or through league/team play. Skill is the major requirement to be a good bowler. If you want to become a good bowler, you should consider taking lessons from a qualified bowling instructor.

Getting Started

If you are just beginning to play this sport, it can seem a little daunting. There is a lot to remember as you walk up to that bowling lane. However, all the experts agree that the secret to bowling is to bowl, bowl, and bowl! Check out your local bowling alley. You will most likely be able to rent your shoes and ball.

Bowling Jargon

Strike: A strike is what you are going for. A strike is when you hit all of the ten pins down on the very first ball. For a strike, a player gets 10 points, plus a bonus. Of course, the bonus depends on what that person scores with the next two balls (so, if the next two balls were gutter balls, no bonus).

Double: What it is called when a bowler gets two strikes in a row.

Turkey: Three consecutive strikes.

Four-bagger: Four consecutive strikes.

Spare – A player gets a spare when at the end of the second ball, all of the ten pins have been knocked down. A spare gives a bowler ten points plus a bonus of the points scored with the next ball.

Pinsetter – The machine that sets the pins up in their perfect triangular formation. Before this machine, there was a human pinsetter.

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