Stretching Equipment

Too many people see strength as unimportant .However, as you’ll see in the Strengthening Your Muscles section of the book, there are tremendous benefits to incorporating a 15 to 20 minute workout at least three times a week into your fitness program .When you’re considering buying resistance products, there are various pieces to help you reach your goals .Resistance tubing, an exercise ball, abdominal machines and weight products such as dumbbells, multi-gyms and wrist/ankle weights are examples of strengthening equipment .

Equipment to help you stretch your muscles is also available .We enjoy working out using a variety of strengthening equipment . Different pieces can help you isolate muscles and if you have difficulty performing a certain exercise it can guide you through the proper range of motion to get results .

We also find that the simple action of changing from one piece of equipment to another keeps your mind stimulated and motivated to workout .Simple home resistance equipment ranges from about $20 to just under $100 and you can slowly build your home gym as your needs and fitness level change .



You can purchase dumbbells that allow you to adjust the weight by adding plates, while others are welded to a set amount of weight . We prefer the welded type of dumbbells since they’re more stable; bolts tend to loosen over time .You also don’t have to take the time to change the weight based on the exercise you plan to do . If you’re just starting out, women should buy 1, 3, and 5-pound weights and men should look at 10, 15 and 25-pound weights . Lighter weight dumbbells are also useful for people who need to rehabilitate after an injury . An exercise guide should accompany your set of dumbbells to guide you through performing the exercises with proper technique . A guide should also assist you in designing your own total body strengthening program .


This product allows for three different sets of dumbbells in one convenient package . By simply adding or removing the end caps of a dumbbell you can quickly change the amount of weight . The 1, 3 and 5-pound weights are ideal for women and for anyone who is trying to rehabilitate after an injury .A storage case will also allow you to carry your dumbbells wherever you go . Also look for an instruction guide to help you perform the exercises properly .



A great way to strengthen and tone your lower body is with adjustable ankle weights . You can adjust the strap to fit various ankle sizes and some 10-pound ankle weights allow you to vary the weight by adding or removing weights in 1-pound increments .Many people use ankle weights when they walk outside or when they jog . However, we don’t recommend this . Undue stress is placed upon your joints which can lead to serious injury .We do suggest you use ankle weights to target the muscles in your thighs, hips and buttocks . Again, an instruction booklet should be included to give you suggestions on how to safely and properly use the weights .


AB Roller

The best exercise for your abdominals is a sit-up . However, many people find that they have difficulty performing them and don’t get the results they want . An abdominal “roller” can help to correct this problem by guiding your upper body through the necessary range of motion with less stress on your neck and back . It also helps you to avoid using muscles that shouldn’t be used during a sit-up . An exercise video is a must to motivate you to work your abs, keep motivated and get results .


Resistance tubing is constructed from high quality latex to ensure durability and safety . It’s a great way to tone your muscles because it offers consistent resistance throughout the full range of the exercise . Resistance tubing can be purchased with or without handles . We prefer the handles as it allows you to perform a variety of exercises with greater ease . Look for manuals to accompany the product so that you can learn how to properly use the tube in an exercise routine . Exercises should include your arms, back, shoulders and legs .



This product is essentially a resistance tube which is looped together so that you can perform different exercises from those with the resistance tube . The figure 8 tube can also be used in conjunction with the resistance tube to provide a wider variety of lower and upper body exercises and to ensure a total body strength training routine . Again,

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