Training at Home

Exercise. Don’t leave home without it. Having trouble fitting a trip to the gym into your busy day? Don’t sweat it, just sweat it at home. Exercising in your home is the most convenient way to fit aerobic activity and muscle strengthening into your day. Depending on your schedule, you can exercise when it works best for you. Plus there’s no traffic to beat either on the road or in the gym, no time schedules and you can enjoy the comfortable surroundings and privacy of your home.

There was a time when we only worked out in a gym. Over the past several years, we have found that working out at home has made it easier, especially during times when our schedules are very busy. We also take advantage of the many neighborhood parks and paths to cycle, walk and run with the dog. To add a social aspect to round out our fitness activities, the gym and community programs such as step classes, water aerobics and senior hockey play a large part of staying active. Variety, whether you exercise at home or at the gym, is important to prevent boredom.

Once you’ve made a decision to exercise at home, you’ll need to determine what piece of aerobic or cardiovascular equipment is right for you. The most expensive, fancy piece of equipment isn’t worth a dime if it just sits there. You have to want to use it and enjoy using it. People who buy treadmills seem to be the ones who stick to using their new equipment. About 80% of people who bring home a treadmill are still using it three years later on a regular basis. Equipment that collects dust or ends up as a very expensive towel rack is usually of poor quality, a fad, awkward to use or not meeting your fitness goals. Do your homework. There is a host of aerobic or cardio equipment to consider: treadmills (motorized and non-motorized), stationary bikes, steppers, step platforms, riders, jump ropes, rowers and cross-country ski machines.

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