Hal & Jo outside of market on the Danforth – November 1988

Here we are in Greektown on the Danforth in Toronto filming the opening of show #12 – Shopping – in November 1988.  We had just started filming 5 “TEST” BodyBreak/Participaction programs to see if the TV and cable stations would play them.  Previously, the stations aired 30 and 60 second Participaction public service announcements.  We were now asking for 90 seconds of air time as a Canadian Content Program.  As you know, their response was yes and we produced 65 – 90 second programs with Participaction.   Unfortunately, they went on to end the relationship in 1991 despite BodyBreak being their most successful campaign (which is still true to date).  The impact of these 65 programs and our relationship with Participaction has stood the test of time.  We are still remembered as the Participaction people even though out of our 25 years only the first 2 years were with them.

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