Hal & Jo in front of Wardair November 1988

One of the biggest thrills for us was having a 747 for a day to film in. It was in November 1988. In a hangar at Toronto Pearson International Airport, we shot BodyBreak Show # 2 on the list of 90 second programs. The premise was to show how to reduce stress by performing an exercise in your seat -the seat in a plane or any seat. Hal, as usual, was running late. Once he boarded, he simply
focused on repeating – lifting his feet, holding for 3 seconds and lowering. The idea for this show was actually from something Joanne started to do on her very first flight – lifting her feet during takeoff and prior to and on landing – sometimes having to hold the exercise for 3 to 5 minutes. It all started in May 1976 on her way to the Canadian Olympic Training Camp in LA. To this day, you
will see Joanne as well as Hal never forgetting to do it while flying. However, their daughter sometimes will begrudgingly find it a fun thing to do.

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